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High School Football

Honest feedback on my Photos.


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Some really great shots! Something you might consider is moving towards the endzone that your team is going to score in so you can get them from an angle that's more straight on. My favorite of these is Central's QB #2 because we're able to see him, the action taking place, and his eyes, all clearly. QBs can be a bit tricky and sometimes do require being shot more from the side which contradicts what I said earlier but hopefully I'm not being confusing. If gear and sidelines allow, being ahead of the action can let you get shots of guys doing a larger variety of moves and you're more likely to have keeper images. For example, imagine Central's #2 and #24 juking/breaking tackles from 20+ yards downfield rather than behind them. Finally, this all comes from a tip someone once gave me which was action, ball, and eyes, if you can get all three in frame then it's likely to be a great photo.

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Thanks for the Info