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JD Yu's picture

Street Skate

This was a night shot with a single speedlight to highlight the skater.

Camera settings:
Sony a7r2
21mm Voigtlander f4 (not sure what aperture since the lens is manual)
1/400 sec
iso 800

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Douglas Turney's picture

Cool. Was this done at night?

Fraser Pitkethly's picture

Again what Douglass said, nice capture. Where was the flash, on the ground or raised a bit?

Tom Beckman's picture

I think this is interesting. I feel like the light needs to come up off the grown and maybe be more to the front of the subject. the shadow behind the ledge is very distracting to me. last i feel squaring stuff up a little more would be great and maybe getting the subject more to the top right of the frame. A little to much going on behind him. I like the timing, the texture on the ledge and the angle.