need some feedback

hello everyone, i need some feedback with photos i taken, i'm getting serious learning photography in the last few years, but still wondering have i improved or not. please give some feedback and maybe some tips to improve what i lack at. thanks

*photos taken with d5300+18-55 af-p, i have no tele lens, so i have to do some cropping

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Hi Nicholas. I have never been a professional sports photographer but have taken lots of pics as a keen photographer and sports enthusiast. Capturing action is paramount and you have done that well. With these 2 shots. If I am a spectator in a big crowd I think carefully about where I will sit. Does it give me the right spot to get the action shots I want. Which lens will I use. In basketball if you are close to the court side a wide angle lens can be pretty good. If you can move around the venue to change your angles rah is good also. If you can afford a lens which will blur the crowd on the background that is good but you can still do that reasonably well with some cheaper lenses. Fast shutter speeds are usually essential and good performance with your autofocus. If you start with sports you have played yourself that is a good place to start as you can usually anticipate the action. Cropping can be useful and not overdoing post production to start with is the way to go in my opinion. Others may think otherwise. Just keep shooting and you will get better and better.

thank you for your feedback, fortunately i have no other lens except a 50mm prime that is 'unusable' for sports, for now i'm still saving for another lens, i'm a student, my budget is so limited. i don't like to do quite a lot of crop, but unfortunately that's the thing i have to do with most shot i taken at my school event to get pretty good composition

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Don't feel restricted by your 50mm lens Nicholas. That's all I had when I started and I even did some of my first 10 or more weddings when I first started with just a 50mm lens. Just use it for now. Your ability to obtain and purchase other lenses will come.

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watch your horizons, and vertical lines, then crop to straighten

wait do you mean both pics or only the 2nd one?if you mean the 2nd one, i did edited and make the lines straight, but i felt like there is so much empty space around the subject, so i rotated a bit to make me able to fit. if you also mean about the 1st pic please tell me how/what to fix, i'm kind of clueless