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400 2.8 GM NFL Game - Handheld THE ENTIRE FIRST HALF

It’s been three days since I had the honor of shoot with Sony’s newest lens to the G Master line up. The Sony 400 2.8 This is my first post in this group wanted to start with a bang! Let me know what you guys think. I still can't believe I got to use it!

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Great work Lemar!

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That is a special lease, is it not? I used it during the Super Bowl and was blown away. Still Canon and Sony for a time... Both Canon and Sony have been very good to me, and I think they both offer excellent choices to make outstanding images.

Looking over the images you posted, I would love to see stronger action, better exposure with use of the lighting in specific areas of the field.

This SN cover image is probably not the best example I have, but it is one of the ones I could find the fastest.. I remember this game, still, and I was exposing just for the light hitting a specific area of the field.

The South Carolina v Georgia image below would be the type of peak action I look for when submitting my images. The lighting makes it even better, I think!

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