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Christian Bender, for Whom, Photography is the Most Favourite Fling

Clicking perfect shots these days are like pulling your smartphone out from the pocket and aiming at a random sight or creature that enlightens your mind. However, the reality of photography is a bit far from its omnipresence.

A good photograph doesn't demand expertise beyond your capabilities, all you need is a bit of interest in it and a humble heart to continue the passion.

Have you ever caught a glimpse of Alex D'Addese in Ryerson Rams game? The one, who runs around to look for a perfect shot? You can also find him behind the lenses draping around his upper portion. He shot beyond 600 events of Ryerson’s inside out.

The practical home of this upcoming 2019 grad Is the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC). According to his voice, there are a lot more things to do beyond the equipment and opportunities he received in the past few years.

He put his insurmountable effort while mentoring the second-year RTA Sports Media student, Christian Bender, who's a Ram's photographer as well. Now, this newbie wishes to beat him in the race and according to him, he has already done it twice.

• Elevating Life through Constant Efforts
Christian Bender is a beyond average hockey player as well and is often seen in Raptors and the Toronto Maple Leafs sitting with those immensely interested eyes and grabbing the industry operations closely.

The University of Windsor was the place where he studied Media, Communication, and Film for one year. Over there, he shot Windsor's football team for the 2013-14 season and dabbled in sports photography. During his first year, he was employed as an event photographer of Ryerson.

It was the golden year of his photography career, and since then, he started shooting World Junior Championships, Ice Hockey Federation, All-Star Games, National Basketball Association, and the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. For the Youth Olympics, he was chosen among thousands of applicants.

Apart from these, in nearly all the games of Ryerson’s volleyball, hockey, basketball for both men and women, he stood behind the lenses. He travelled almost everywhere along with his team for shooting both national and provincial championship games.

The pre-game rituals of D’Addese used to begin a few hours ahead of an evening game, and are something we should definitely behold.

• High Hopes with a Humble Heart
Be standing on his wheeled stool, at the MAC's Home Ice, near the right corner of the media desk, where he set several lenses, Christian roamed around the ground before moving ahead to ice level for capturing the warm-up sessions of the team players.

Christian is never going to brag about his lifelong connections or show off his slick shots. Apparently, this is the biggest reason for his colleagues and athletes to respect him so greatly and get along without a hassle.

The https://www.managementwritingsolutions.com team has closely observed his expertise and concluded that he didn't seem to be interested in thinking about it so often, and especially not in an idealistic or self-fulfilling sense.

He enjoys his work and that makes every professional team to approach him first with the opportunity before looking for another team photographer. However, the half-decade he spent at the MAC will always remain unforgettable to him.

Someone said it right, Success Runs to You When You Don't Seem to Go Out of Your Way.

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