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I love using just 1 speedlite, I do have more than 1 but the impact and drama you can achieve with just one is great.
As the great John Loengard would say - "If you want something to look interesting, don't light all".
With hundreds of different types of modifiers and light sources the effects you can achieve with just one flash more varied than people think. Just ask Annie L.
Would welcome feed back, comments and opinions on this subject.

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not sure if you mistakenly got the wrong URL, but you copied/pasted the edit URL. Based off the numbers in the URL you provided you meant to provide this image correct?

If so, its a great image, was the light from camera right above subject?

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I like it as well.. Love the shadows....maybe would have loved a bit more light on the face tho

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well done.
i think, in my opinion, i would have added a little backlight on the face, or just a reflector.
Anyway, great shot

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Thanks guy's, all cool and useful comments. Yes, the idea was to attempt to keep the face mysterious, the whole shoot has his face in this very low level of light so it doesn't give away the individuals identity, it's caused a whirl wind of questions at the office, who is this ripped guy? Thanks again.