Natural Light.

In most of my photography career I've been a strobe junkie,I was almost solely dependent on artificial light in both indoor and outdoor situations.I guess you can paint that picture,that guy that always shows up with a big octabox or PLM umbrella,always distracting on the street,or having to get a permit in New York public parks,or even the simple fact that you cannot shoot just anywhere.No matter how small the shoot was,it was always taken as a big deal.In 9 out of 10 scenarios I always needed an assistant because the moment that light stand touches the floor,the city has the right to come after you.
The first time I did a natural light shoot I kept looking back cause I could have sworn I left a light stand or something behind.I felt so free,I could now focus on directing and finding nice backgrounds.I remember shooting inside an apple store and everyone went on with their business or on the the 5 train,my favorite one was shooting inside the New York public library and not one person looked over.I have no intentions of going back to strobe lighting,obviously unless its called for.
I Love the freedom.

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Rick Blackburn's picture

The natural light looks great. And the wood grain and design was beautiful in those pictures. Very nice photo's.