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First post here

This picture is of my wife at the White Cliffs of Dover in the UK. I just started doing photography a few months ago and have some pretty cool shots. Nothing as good as you guys, but I am always looking for tips to get better. Thanks for having a look! Enjoy.

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Hi Tony! I think that 1} the shot is a bit soft and 2} it lacks a focal point - if your wife had her eyes open (not even necessarily looking at the camera) then the viewers eye would be drawn to something. You should also try and match her skin tones from head to back.

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Maybe it was the look you were going for, put kind of looks like a painting, but not quite. More like a photo that was maybe out of focus, so it as edited heavy. Her eyes are so dark. I think a slightly different crop that would have pulled her slightly towards the middle would be have been great. I second what Andrew said as well, keep plugging away, I hope to see more.

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I agree with both of you. Thank you, the picture wasn't in focus completely and didn't turn out the way I wanted so I edited a little more than I should have to hide some of the deficiencies of the picture. Thanks for the tips guys!