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ivan joshua loh's picture

Family is everything.

Had a opportunity to photograph this cool family on location. Don't you just love the location? Cheers.

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Robert Wilson's picture

I do love the location. I get the feeling that this family is just a little bit quirky... otherwise they never would have agreedto the location.

It is a very busy location, and I am sure a challenege to light. I think I would have liked a little more dramatic lighting thought, something that bring out the family in the midst of the craziness a little more. Just my two cents

ivan joshua loh's picture

you are right. In fact this place is part of their home. 😬 cheers.

Joseph Anthony's picture

Yes, tough assignment to get the family to be the focal point of this environmental portrait. But I think you did a good job. Wish I could tell you what could have been done...maybe slightly darker surroundings so that for example, the surf board would not be brighter than the young man's face camera right. Great pic!

ivan joshua loh's picture

Thank you for your advise Joseph. Have a great weekend and greetings from Singapore. 😊

Mike Taylor's picture

If I had this opportunity, I would have broken up the family in to 2 groups of three, and lit them separately. Then I would have lit the room selectively. Sure, your mobility is stunted as we can see by all the "stuff", but you've already got the go ahead to be there, so why not take the time to make it more interesting?