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Andrew Phan's picture

Portrait Shoot - Fairy Tale inspired

Hi Guys,
Totally new to the group, well Fstoppers in general. I just did a shoot over the weekend and was super excited and wanted to share. It was a portrait shoot, out at the Sekrit Theater here in Austin.

Let me know what you guys think.


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Joseph Anthony's picture

Very nice, though I think his face could use a little more light.
Great job, love the colors.

Kat Armendariz's picture

This is absolutely stunning!.. new fan!

Christopher Hill's picture

I could use a little pop of light on his face to make them both jump off of the image, but like it very much overall. It will definitely wind up on their wall for all of their friends to ask about.

Mike Taylor's picture

Colours are nice, composition well done, however the pose is where it loses. They appear to be opponents. If they were arranged differently it would improve. Did you light this?

Spike Marble's picture

Very nice.

Royan Descartes's picture

this is gorgeous

Cameron Kaseman's picture

great shot, I agree on the brightening the rooms face even though it's not how the direction of the light is going