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Sporty Themed

Just did a shoot and would like to share. CC welcome. First share too. :)

Nikon D700 + 80-200mm.
F3.5, 640ss, 200mm.
Godox ad600 on 90cm parabolic.

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Very nice. Great balance between ambient and flash.

My only nit, and it's just a personal thing, is that for these kinds of "sporty" shots, it's beneficial if the model actually looks sporty. Though beautiful, the model does not look exactly "sporty."

Again, just personal preferences. Either way, it's still a great shot.

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Thanks for the time to comment and its noted.

I think they made her run and still she cant perspire that much. There are 2-3 drop though if you zoom in closely. :)

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When I first viewed the image I thought they had sprayed her sports bra around the breasts to make it look like sweat, but it's just a design on the top. It's a bit distracting.

FYI, to simulate sweat mix glycerin and water in a misting spray bottle works well. It sounds like this might have been a group shoot or workshop.

Skin tones look good. I like the compression you got with the long lens. Exposure is spot on. Only nit I have with the light is I prefer a bit softer lighting (that may be a personal preference, don't take it as a critic).

It's a solid image. Good job.

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wow, thanks for the tip on the sweat thing.

and thanks for the time to comment, it is duly noted.i really appreciate it.