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Self Portrait w/ NYC Skyline

Just wanted to get some feedback on this - I already know that profile isn't the best angle :(


Nikon D3400
Nikon AF-S DX 35mm f/1.8
Natural light

Shot at ISO 100 f/1.8 1/30 sec

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Douglas Turney's picture

Some requested feedback. The angle isn't bad and is frequently used to imply a sense of power. The top of the building directly behind you is too close to the top of your head. I would have moved you closer to the camera to provide separation between your head and the top of the building. What I would have suggested is to tighten the image in the horizontal direction. Perhaps moved you to the left so your head was between the World Trade Center building and the other building and would have dropped some of the negative space on the right hand side of the image. Of course I don't know what you had to work with as far as camera position and where you could stand. Looks like you may have decreased the shadow on your face. If so a fill light or reflector could have been used. Could be wrong about the shadows, but there seems to be a harshness to the shadow side of your face.

Thanks for taking the time to comment Douglas - I really appreciate it! All great feedback.