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Trying new colors, looking foward for your comments.

I took this one a few days ago, i`m trying a new post processing.

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The color toning is nice, but there are a few things I'd change: your fill light or reflector is bouncing up from beneath creating an unnatural look of being lit from below (and not in a good way). For some odd reason there's a bright highlight at the top of her thigh that is distracting looks out of place. I zoomed in and it looks like the post processing on her skin is a bit heavy handed. Also, she's so far away in this picture that I can't tell what is the thing on her head? Something else to consider is having her centered in the middle of the image isn't really working here. Sometimes it works especially when you have leading lines directing your eye to the center. In this case, the leading lines move side to side and as a result, this looks like a picture that someone was trying to take of a pretty landscape with a big piece of driftwood and oh, there just happens to be a girl in the middle of it. I hope that makes sense.

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thank you for your comments, i see your point and it makes sense! i appreciate constructive critics :)

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I like it, but I do agree with Sennia, that bow or head dress is not very defined, as to not know what it is. I do, now this is my opinion, like the composition and I do like the light from the light or reflector. Now I will say I am not a big fan Freq. Separation, I don’t use it anymore, I use the dodge and burn, saturation and hue techniques.
I also find the the subject fills up the frame nicely, she has room to breathe, I bet you wished you could have incorporated more of the ocean in the photograph. It is a nice serene location. I like it a lot.

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thank you a lot for your comment, what you see in the head is part of the log, is a branch where she is sitted. I have another shot where the ocean is mor visible i`ll check it out. thank you!