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A Lady of Letters

Laura Davis - from the Round Top Townsfolk project. For more information please see my profile.

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Sennia Kyle's picture

Great picture. I think this truly embodies the meaning of an "environmental portrait".

B M's picture

Thank you Sennia for your kind words which are appreciated. This is the 7th image I have posted from my Townsfolk project that captures some of the personalities of Round Top, a small rural town in Texas with a population of 90. I will be posting several more of these images each week over the next few months so please keep an eye out for them and let me know what you think. Best - Bernard

Robert Tran's picture

Looking forward to more from this series as well. The shot really evokes interest and relatability for your subject and her “everyday,” life.

I would presume that she and people who know her are pleased with how she was portrayed.

Ilya Beskin's picture

This is a really cool picture! I really like the symmetry and the eye contact/expression. I would have edited it with a bit more contrast, but thats a matter of personal preferance. great picture!