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Oil and Water

KAREN VERNON and KEN MUENZENMAYER are accomplished artists but both the paintings and the painters are as different from each other as oil and water. Karen is outgoing, gregarious and effervescent. She favours watercolour as her medium of choice and mostly paints flowers, still life and landscapes. Her work is vibrant with colour, and every bold brush stroke shows her zest for life, the beautifying of her world.
By contrast, Ken is introspective and reserved. He uses oils on canvas. His paintings depict the vast Texas prairieland, its breathtaking sunsets and its often-tempestuous skies. Many times, they have a dream-like quality, with muted colours and misty, undefined outlines.
Even though their styles are so different they are bound by their shared love of art.

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Love this photo thanks for posting it

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Thank you Raymond I appreciate your kind words. Best Bernard