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kaeye kingma's picture

Rainy day

I shot this picture on a summer evening. using a garden hose to create the rain.
Any thoughts?

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Jamie Bubb's picture

Hi Kaeye, I really like this, there's a filmic quality to it. Only one thing bothering me slightly, the drainpipe on the right needs to be vertical OR just crop out the drainpipe and window all together. This would take your subject out of centre and almost at 2/3rds and draw focus to her, which would look better to me. Other than that, I think there's a story here that I'd like to see more of, perhaps make it a small series? :)

Broken Photography's picture

Using a water hose to create an environment is very challenging. In fact what I would have done is stop up the gutter, place the hose in the gutter, then allow the water to over flow. There's two elements wrong with this picture. You're creating rain when there's blue sky in the background. Also, with the rain effect, you need a long section of hose suspended out of camera range. pierce the hose with small holes to allow a spray at each of the locations. this way you can achieve a full range of rain effect over the entire image instead of just on the subject. As Jamie suggested a crop would have been more suitable.

Jamie Bubb's picture

Ha! how could I miss the blue sky?