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Opinion on Crops


I rarely shoot images of people, but had an opportunity last weekend to shoot some shots of my buddy, Will, while we snowshoed in Colorado. I took a shot of him that I really like and would appreciate your feedback. I'm torn if I should crop the image or leave it as is.

Please let me know what you think.


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Ana Sousa's picture

I like the crop :)

Derek Bradley's picture

Thank you, Ana!

Umberto Urso's picture

i like it

Derek Bradley's picture

Thank you!! I appreciate the feedback

Dan Lubbers's picture

I prefer the non-cropped version to the cropped version. If I were to crop, I'd keep the same ratio and crop close to the pack.

Robert Tran's picture

I agree with Dan and prefer a crop similar to below.

Derek Bradley's picture

Thank you, Robert. I appreciate the feedback.

Alan Brown's picture

I agree with Robert on this one. You need an amount of dead space in front of the image to provide breathing room. Perhaps your 1st image would work even better if you reclaimed the space on the left (keeping the right-hand crop the same).

In all cases try yourself and see what works best for you - it's really only your opinion that counts.

Derek Bradley's picture

Thank you, Alan. So, are you saying in the original, having a little wider view i.e.. shoot at 70mm instead of 100mm? I appreciate it.

Alan Brown's picture

I think they are two different images/stories - the close up is more about the person but I feel the other tells more about about the experience.

Having a wider aspect shows more of the environment and makes the viewer (at least me) feel that they are part of the hike. Does that make sense?

Both are good images, I feel more connected with the wider image.

Derek Bradley's picture

Perfect explanation. Again, I appreciate you taking the time to explain your opinion.

Francisco B's picture

I think the original looks great. Focus looks tack sharp.

Derek Bradley's picture

Thank you, Francisco!