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Framed Beauty


I just joined FStoppers and I am excited to be a part of the community. I am uploading some photos I took in the Mojave desert.

Not really sure how this work, but feel free to tell me what you guys think. I am going back there in a few weeks to shoot again. So some ideas would be great!

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I like the concept and the location. The lighting looks nice too. However, it looks like there were two completely different retouchers working on these photos? The first image, the girl in the blue, is way over-retouched - her skin is far too smooth. However, the second image looks like it hasn't been retouched at all, and the lighting and colors on her are totally different.

Composition-wise I would have pulled back a little on the first image so that you see more of her hand than just one random finger creeping up from the bottom (lol).

I like the last image a lot.

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Thank you so much for giving me constructive criticism :)

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Welcome to F Stoppers - I am fairly new here myself. I hope that you enjoy being part of this community!

About your framed beauties:

I think these three images work nicely when presented as a set, as you have done here. But each stands on its own quite nicely, as well.

As for the first image, I have mixed feelings about the inclusion of the subject's index finger. While it is a little awkward bcause it is there all by itself, its inclusion does help to convey the idea that it is a physical frame being held up by the model, and not some software-generated graphic. It ties the model to the frame, which I feel is important to do. I really like the way the color of her attire and the background colors are so wonderfully complementary to one another .... to me, that is what makes this image so visually appealing. And the model - she is absolutely stunning! However, I do agree with the previous commenter who said that her skin is too retouched - too perfectly smooth. It would be nice to see some minor skin imperfections - some blemishes and texture - to give a sense of reality to her visage.

I like that the 2nd image is shot wider than the first, and shows the scene outside the perimeter of the frame. This provides a bit of much-appreciated visual relief. This model, too, is stunning, and the way you have her looking off to the side give her eyes this very striking, beautiful look. The area outside of the frame is very well-composed. I especially appreciate that little bit of sky at the upper edge; it gives a sense of place to the setting. The way that the model is holding the frame works quite well - seeing all four fingers and a good bit of her hand is important to the overall composition. There is a lot more going on in this composition than there is in the first image, yet it all ties together so nicely, so it is not at all "busy" or "distracting".

As for the third image ..... hmmmmm. I don't feel that it "works" as effectively as it could, or should ...... and yet I struggle to articulate why. I can see what you were apparently trying to do with the image, and think it is a worthwhile concept to pursue ..... yet the image lacks the visual "punch" that would be necessary to pull it off in an impactful mannner. Perhaps because the models and the frames are so small in the frame? Perhaps because the frames are pretty much on the same plane as the faces would be? I'm not sure exactly why. I think it would be interesting to re-do this part of the shoot, but to try two things:

1 - try this concept with the models closer to the camera, and larger in the composition.

2 - try this with the models holding the frames out in front of their faces, so that the frames are on a plane that is significantly closer to the camera than their (missing) faces are.

I am curious to see how either of these two ideas would affect the visual impact of the resultant images.

Can't wait to see the images you share with us after your next shoot! This is, like your first post and I am already a fan of your work!

- Tom

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Thank you so much for your detailed feedback! I really appreciate it!