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Recent promotional shoot

I hope this is the right group I'm posting this in.

This image is from a recent promotional photoshoot I done in collaboration with a beauty salon owner and her popular product, and of course model DautarÄ— PauliukaitÄ—.

Shot through an 85mm Canon prime lens.
It was a one light setup, Octogon softbox was used in very close proximity to models face.

A second flash was placed on the floor behind and off to the right of model, directed at the middle of the white muslin backdrop.

Editing, skin retouched using Gaussian blur and heal tool.

This is my 3rd model shoot.

I feel like I have improved.

Comments welcome.

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Hi Stephen, As this was a promotional shoot for magnetic lashes, I feel it is important to see both sets of lashes on the model clearly. Her hair is obscuring her right eye.

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Too true and thanks , I guess my only defense is to say that this is just one image and i have others with lashes more focused on but yes I will see if I can clone from another image ,thanks Robert

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I agree with the commenter about the model's right (camera left) eye. All I can see is the white which is very awkward, it's almost making her look like she has a lazy or wandering eye... I'm sure she doesn't, but it looks like it. Additionally, I'd probably crop up from the bottom left a little to get rid of a bunch of open skin space (as well as removing the piece of black bra that's peeking up).

The lighting looks good and the retouch looks decent. Hope this helps!

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Thanks Sennia, will take these tips on board and won't repeat these mistakes

One more comment since this is a promotional shoot.

The product box is very hard to read and her hand is obscuring some of the wording. I would put the box in her hand in the correct orientation.

Another way to do this is to do a photo of just the product box and then make a collage of the two images. That way the model does not have to hold the box at all.

Both eyes are obstructed, one by the hair, and one by the nose. Easy fix, pull hair back slightly from the front eye, and on the back eye, turn her head slightly more toward the camera. Also, she is making a claw hand on the box, she needs to do something more elegant with the hand pose. Commercial shots are really hard because every little detail is so important, that being said, I like your lighting, which is perfect for commercial photography.