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Equestrian themed portrait in the country

" We had a fabulous day out , shooting this lovely teen and her family for an equestrian themed birthday. " We took a little trip up to North Saint Cloud, Florida. The whole family dressed in matching red,white & blue plaid.We posed the featured model with each horse, mounted and standing. She posed with both horses and also with the whole family.After the horses were taken in, we stayed awhile and took advantage of the scenery, the whole family taking turns posing with the featured model. Because we were shooting in the shade ,these were somewhat slow exposures, 1/40 sec shooting aperture priority f4 ISO 100. I often shoot portraits on slower exposures. Yes alot of blurry candid shots are trashed, but fun memories for the client to keep.I feel that slower exposures truly capture the depth of the model. I do not think that being fast at capturing the moment is always a true depiction of the model. It depends on the model and mood of the event. Here we were aiming to savor every breath of country air, every changing light and shadow filtering through the trees, a washed-out dreamy background,lazy day in the country, laid back and slow going, appreciating nature and the nature of the beautiful horses.
It was a very bright day , hot , humid, steamy & still , near 100 degrees. The horses had to be shaded from the heat of midday. We took advantage of the natural spotlights streaming through the trees.There were two horses tan & black. The black horse was starting to turn his autumn coat brown which made for beautiful light and shadow.This shoot is available on my website in the "People" Gallery.
Are you next? Call me! Let’s do this!

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Cool picture :)