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When did you become hooked with photography?

*Let me know if this is the right group for this kind of thing, new to Fstoppers posting*

This picture inspired me to create an Fstoppers account and become part of the photography community.

Art has always been something I love, the emotion it evokes and the story it tells never fails to amaze me.

As I'm sure we all do, I remember the first time I picked up a camera. With no understanding of the settings to use or how to compose a shot, I ran outside, took a picture of the closest thing to me, which happened to be a blade of grass (we have all done it), anxious to see the result, I looked at the result on the tiny little LCD screen. The result... Black.

After looking blankly at the screen for a few moments, triple checking to make sure I had actually turned it on, I realised I hadn't taken the lens cap off...

How many reading this are thinking back to when they did this, even after years of using a camera?

Truth is even after that slightly embarrassing moment, Photography had me hooked.

Photography captures a moment in time that is otherwise lost or distorted by the human brain.

This photo was taken on 23/06/2019, and it was the moment I realised all I want to do is take photos.

When did you become hooked?

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