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Ruby in the Ivy

This is from a recent Urban themed photo shoot that ended up near an ivy covered brick wall in the city of Portland, ME. I was very pleased with Ruby's natural beauty, and I hope it shows through in this shot. Reactions welcome-

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Alan Brown's picture

Hi Thadd, indeed a beautiful girl who is well presented. As asked here's a couple of suggestions you could think about.

1. I don't feel the lower body is doing anything for the image. You could try cropping to keep the emphasis more on that wonderful face. I have included a quick edit just to provide a comparison for reference.

2. Bring nit-picky, I'm not sure about the leaf right in front of her chin. In truth it's not that badly placed and may actually add to the story. Like I say, I'm not sure and suspect there will be opinions on this.

Lovely image of a lovely model!