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Lumber Jill

I love this shot, but others don't. Please help me see what I don't. Thanks for any helpful critiques!

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It may be due to the angle of the shot. What lens were you using? I like it. Kind of Pauline Bunyonesqe.

January Williamson's picture

Thank you! I was using my wide angle Irix 11mm f/4 lens. She's actually very short, so I guess I just like how it makes her look taller LOL

Kimberly Manning's picture

I like the perspective- I’m wondering if the wow factor had been a bit stronger if she had been leaning a little toward the camera from torso up. I feel like she kind of gets lost at the top. Maybe crop a little lower too- a little more below her feet and a little less sky? It’s not a bad image. I always like these kinds of perspectives.

January Williamson's picture

Thank you! I'll try that! :)

James Lee's picture

The perspective and lens is a choice, but the problem could be that it is too "obvious." Rather than the viewer subliminally getting the feeling that she is tall/powerful, the viewer instead thinks "hmm, this is a weird lense." They know it's not real.

Assuming you are OK with that, my only other criticism is that she's pretty dark and poorly lit. Her eyes are pretty dark, a reflector, softbox or speedlight would have helped sculpt the light around her more, thus creating a professional image.

The finish and lighting look a little amateurish (no offense).