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Holiday Fairytale

Taken this autumn with my lovely friend, Shreya. We had such a fun time implementing my vision of this fairytale princess. We took the photos just a few walking minutes away from my home in a random bush. I planned the outfit, the light, everything. What we didn't consider were... the midges. Ask not how many bites I had to retouch on Shreya's arms. Curious what you think of the edit :)

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Hajnalka Beren's picture

PS: the image here unfortunately seems quite soft :( Not sure why, I uploaded it from a desktop device.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Looks quite sharp to me.

Hajnalka Beren's picture

That is so strange, when I click the image here, it is almost blurry. But glad to hear that it's apparently only an issue on my device...

Michele Discardi's picture

looks fine here. maybe in that moment you got poor connection... great work! nice tonality