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Latest Environmental Work with Peter Coulson

I was fortunate and proud to be able to host the incredible Peter Coulson ( http://www.peter-coulson.com.au/ ) from Australia for the first of several workshops in the USA at the Phlearn studio in Chicago this week! This image of the beautiful Haley Danhausen was taken today during day 2 of this amazing weekend session, and I can't express enough just how life, work, and game changing this event was!

I honestly don't think I've seen more minds blown on an hourly basis...well...ever! If you get a Chance to attend one of his other locations...ever...DO IT! As an artist, model, photographer, you will not regret it!

Thank you to Modelogic Midwest for helping us find such great talent and LaNisha Alston for being an incredible MUA and Stylist!

It was crazy to learn how to see natural light in an entirely new way and how to move yourself and the model to change things so dramatically! A simple shift of the photographer or model even just a 1/2 step can change EVERYTHING! The take away here, is don't let your lights limit you! Don't feel like you HAVE to be at a single position with a single view to capture an incredible image. Use the environment around you and expand your photographic horizons!


The technical details, this photo was taken at nearly high noon with the sun directly above in a perfectly clear day in Chicago. We placed the model under and practically inside of a tree to create a natural scrim and used the leaves in the foreground/background to create the ambiance!

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I am going this weekend in LA I signed up for the Natural Light and PS classes. Is the Studio Lighting one worth it? It's an expensive add on for me if I added that but... if amazing...