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Close Encounters of the Fox Kind

Is this not the happiest fox you've ever seen?!

Although Ruda has been brought up as a pet she still lives in a natural outdoor environment whilst interacting with her humans.
Working with wild animals is always a challenge and none more than introducing them to a foreign, confined space. It was a matter of patience and allowing her to walk out of the set and find the comfort of our studio sofa when she needed breaks.
This shot may look like an easy one to take but her behaviour was 'wild' and you can only predict, to a certain level, what any animal will do.

She was an absolute star through the shoot!!

The lighting in this shot wasn't too complex, two thin softbox strip with the outer diffuser removed to create a hard light. One strip angled from her left over her head and the other coming from slightly behind her right side.

Canon 5DS, 24-70mm f/2.8 lens, Godox Lighting and Attachments.

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Matthias Kirk's picture

Nice Job. I've taken care of a fox pup whose mother was run over for a few weeks and couldn't imagine that I would have pulled off a successful shoot with her. Nice images!