From my local animal shelter where I volunteer once or twice a month to take portraits of all the new animals. Brooke really caught my eye on my last visit. Such a regal cat, posing for the camera.

Diem the Wirehaired Vizsla

What I like about this photo is that it was not a lucky accident. I had a plan and it worked well. We went to a local pond in the early morning light. It was overcast giving a nice diffused light. I set up far enough away to not distract Diem. She can get all goofy when she notices me. She was concentrating on fetching a ball from the water...

Close Encounters of the Fox Kind

Is this not the happiest fox you've ever seen?!

Although Ruda has been brought up as a pet she still lives in a natural outdoor environment whilst interacting with her humans.
Working with wild animals is always a challenge and none more than introducing them to a foreign, confined space. It was a matter of patience and allowing...


Who can't appreciate the limbs of a hound, especially when you can exaggerate them through a wider focal length! Long legged and long-snouted.. it's just the best when you want to show off their goofy side :D

Dog Buddha

While shooting a nice condo this past week I ran across this interesting piece of sculpture - a "dog Buddha." Couldn't help but capture a shot of it. I think Buddha is laughing.

A fundraiser for my shelter

Last year I decided to do a fundraiser for my local shelter during the month of May. I donated $25 from every photo shoot I did in May. While it didn't generate a lot of money ($225), the shelter was very appreciative of the donation and both the shelter and I got some press coverage. A win/win.

I decided to do it again this year with...

English Buldog Puppies

Didn`t have any plans that day so I told my neighbor "let`s take your puppies out for a photoshoot" .....and it turns out to be a great day ...they were all over me camera, every lens was licked :D ....

Can makes an amazing recovery

This is Eggnog (where the shelter came up with that name I don't know). She was found in a ditch along side the road and thought to be dead. But a good person picked her up and brought her to the shelter, where with a lot of help she is now up and about, albeit missing one eye, and thriving. I took her portrait last week at my local shelter (...

Portrait of Atlantic puffin

The Atlantic Puffin can be very hard to capture good and sharp photos of. They fly quickly and as soon as they land with food for their little ones they disappear into their small caves. The cool thing about taking pictures of the puffins at Runde, Norway is that as soon as the sun sets the puffins starts be really photogenic and sits still....

Camera shy and cover girl

I was playing with a Canon 5d markii when I took these pictures in my back yard. Lily is a dachshund mix who is quite a bit camera shy. Sadie is a basenji mix that I can't seem to get a bad photo of.

My goal with the image of both of the girls in the same frame was to document the difference in their personalities.

Let me know...

Bambi & Friend

Okay - not Bambi, but thought it made for a good title :)

Taken in Richmond Park, London last December with a Canon 7D Mk2 and Sigma 150-600mm f/5-6.3 Sport.

Always amazed at how animals cooperate for mutual benefit... young deer gets de-bugged, Blackbird gets lunch!

Spunky the kitten

I was as my local shelter yesterday taking my usual pro bono portraits of the new animals. This little guy - Spunky - really stole my heart. He got his name as he was the runt of the litter and not expected to survive, but he was "spunky" and beat all the odds.

As I was standing next to the raised bed he was sleeping on trying to get a...