Shelter Pet Portraits

These are two felines I took portraits of at my last visit to my local shelter. Tinkerbell and Wendy. Wendy was crazy...


A low point-of-view shot of our little cat wandering around.
Last: December 9, 2019
Last: December 8, 2019

Old Man

I was at my local shelter on Saturday doing my usual pro bono portrait shoot and this poor old guy got my attention. He...
Last: December 8, 2019

My Doggo

Took the dog out for her run on the golf course and snapped a few pics along the way. Let me know what you think!

First post

Hey guys this is my first attempt at pet photography and this is my new puppy Coco she is a chi-weenie.
Last: November 23, 2019

Old Cat

My 10 years old cat
Last: November 23, 2019

The Hemingway Cats

When you're in Key West, you have to visit the Hemingway House if you want to appreciate the history of the area...
Last: November 23, 2019

Camera Recommendation Needed

Hi, I have a D7000 that I use for sports photography. It's been fine with the right lens, but I'm going to start...
Last: November 14, 2019

Shelter Images

At my last visit to my local shelter in Frisco, Colorado I shot portraits of 22 animals - a new record. This is...

Trying out some pet shots with my pup around the yard

I really like the first two shots, the other ones are ok too. Shot using all natural light and my fuji xt2 with the...
Last: October 25, 2019

More Cow Bell

I spent some time at an old farm recently. Farm animals are a bit outside my wheelhouse but decided to at least give...

Jake the dog

Started a project "pets" for my next event - mainly studio portraits.Any comment and critique would be most welcome!

some critique for my equine portraiture?

Hey all, I'm a specialist in equine portraiture, focusing on show horses. I am fresh out of school(graduated from the...
Last: July 27, 2019

Children and Ponies, Peyson - equine portraits

Peyson is one of those kids. She is funny and sassy and smart. she also loves her horses. When asked to do her portrait...

Purple-rumped sunbird snacking on a spider

My go-to camera/lens for birding is the Nikon D850/Nikon 200-500 f5.6. I am planning a birding trip later in the year...

A shot from about 1 year ago

This is from when i first started getting into photography, what do you guys think?

New Shelter Shots

A few new shots from my most recent portrait session at my local shelter.
Last: July 1, 2019

Portraits from my local animal shelter

I donate my time taking portraits of all the animals at my local animal shelter. I go once a month or more often. I...