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Dogwarts Yearbook

Had a fun project where I helped create a Harry Potter "Dogwarts" yearbook.

Here was the assignment given to me by my client.
"The highlighted and starred page titles are the ones we think would be cool photoshopped, but feel free to edit anything else that you think would be cool. I was thinking maybe just editing the dogs into places around the school grounds that are featured in the movies (for the extra curricular/photos section), but not necessary and anything else you come up with works great too. I am sure everything you do will be amazing!

Cover: Dogwarts
hogwarts castle photo
crest and school song
list of courses
teacher page
students page
wand selection***
sorting hat ceremony***
classroom settings***
goblet of fire
extra curricular/extra photos***
autograph page"

I'm happy, because I was able to over deliver especially with the Patronus photographs that depict the dog's favorite toys as their patronuses. Obviously, in the future I will try to use more of my own original backgrounds, but for this project the slight cheesiness of inserting them into actual screenshots from the movies worked with the eventual handmade scrapbook yearbook that was delivered to the final recipient of this gift.

I 100% welcome constructive criticism on any and all of these images. My goal, was to improve my Photoshop skills through this project. I started with the individual school photo style images, and then finished with the Petronas images. I feel like how much I improved can be seen simply by comparing these two sets of images.

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