This is my dog Penny, I took this out side my work on my lunch break. I used a Nikon D40 with a Nikkor 18-55 and a...

Dog Pile

My wife under a pile of dogs. xx
Last: January 31, 2017

Photo Shoot for Adoptable from People Helping Paws

This month I had the honor of partnering with a local rescue called People Helping Paws for a project. I am doing...
Last: January 31, 2017

New to the group

I've been photographing the animals at my local shelter for almost 10 years. I find it so rewarding. Here is a portrait...


Here's one of my kittens Daisy. Taken with a Sony A7ii + 85mm G Master. Edited in Capture One and Affinity Photo

My Pugs

** I would love to get feed back on my photos of my pugs. I just joined looks like a nice place to post **

Pet Potraits

I am new to professional photography. I'm learning about it as I continue to experiment and read up online. The...
Last: August 12, 2016

Comments, tips and critiques, please...

This one is from my latest work. 6 dogs, one afternoon... all dogs in the same room. 30ºC - 86ºF... Wasn't an easy day!
Last: July 27, 2016

New to group, comments welcome

Looking for comments and suggestions good, and bad all welcome. Everything helps!
Last: July 21, 2016

Two for now...

These are two shots that I'm pleased with. One is the mother of my two German Shepherds with a pup from another litter...

Local Zoo Visit

A week ago I went to the zoo with other people from my photo course. These are some of the pictures
Last: March 30, 2016

Portrait of a Mutt

This is my main dog, a rescue mutt that goes every where with me. Here she's waiting for me to finish up a portrait...
Last: March 30, 2016

My favourite shot

What do you think about this photo? :D
Last: March 8, 2016

First post. Dog portrait in the snow.

First post. Looking for feedback. I'm still learning, and shooting in snow was a challenge. I didn't do too much in...
Last: March 3, 2016

Portrait of a Dog

Portrait of my dog. I shot with a canon 580 flash using a silver umbrella.
Last: March 3, 2016

Pet cat

Thank you for creating this group. I am learning to click a variety of pictures - pets, wild animals, birds, etc. Here...