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More Cow Bell

I spent some time at an old farm recently. Farm animals are a bit outside my wheelhouse but decided to at least give them a try. I know given a bit more forethought I could generate a better composition but time was tight at this point.

some critique for my equine portraiture?

Hey all, I'm a specialist in equine portraiture, focusing on show horses. I am fresh out of school(graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in October) and am starting my business.
I was hoping to get some critique on my work before I officially open.

I also have images on Facebook that have mot been posted here at www....

Children and Ponies, Peyson - equine portraits

Peyson is one of those kids. She is funny and sassy and smart. she also loves her horses. When asked to do her portrait the point was her and not just the horse. She showed up with these awe inspiring purple cowboy boots and chipped purple nails. Putting her backwards on her pony just seemed like the best way to say this is her.
I asked...

Purple-rumped sunbird snacking on a spider

My go-to camera/lens for birding is the Nikon D850/Nikon 200-500 f5.6. I am planning a birding trip later in the year up in the Himalayas, to a location with many colourful species, and wonder if I should rent a 500f4 or 600f4 for the trip. Would the resolution of one of these telephoto lenses significantly add to the richness of pictures like...

Portraits from my local animal shelter

I donate my time taking portraits of all the animals at my local animal shelter. I go once a month or more often. I find it extremely rewarding and the shelter staff tells me it helps the animals get adopted much quicker. I encourage everyone to get involved with your local shelter.

Here are a couple of portraits I took last week.

Colby's finally tired... CC appreciated

This is Colby, our 5 month old mutt. He settled in the backyard this morning as I was out taking photos, so I was able to get down to his level and snap this before he jumped up to chew on the camera. I've never really tried pet photography but I've wanted to take it on as a learning project, and this seemed like a good place to start.


Studio Pet Portraits is my Style

I started doing this for my local Humane Society and love it. The shelter manager gave me the best compliment, saying that I take a throw away animal no one wanted and make them look beautiful and desirable. (This is Ingot, a shelter puppy who started her life in the snow with an emaciated mother who ended up not being able to care for her. I...

What do you think?

Was out doing some bird watching when neighbors dog came out. So I did what any self-respecting photographer would do leaned over the face and took a few shots. I like how serious and tough it portrays him as when he is a big old push over.

Black and White Portrait

This is a portrait of a labrador-puppy i made last year. As i saw couple minutes ago that people on fstoppers had voted for "needs work" it made me curios. Is there really so much wrong in that Image? I'm aware that there is a lot of work to be done on my photography, but i always thought that one was of the better of my solid pictures i took...