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Hi I am new

Hi everyone new to fstoppers and this group but love pet photography. Was hoping to hear some of your thoughts on some pictures from my portfolio. I am considering offering my services out there and don’t want to be selling crap. Please don’t worry about my feelings it’s the only way to grow sometimes look forward interacting with the group


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Hi Clem,. Nice work! I think you have a valid goal of pet photography. You just need to get more experience with post-processing. You don't necessarily need to go to Photoshop if that is overwhelming. Polarr is a fine, introduction program that is inexpensive to try.

I say this because you photos all have good bones but fall short in effect and mood. It is always best to take the best image you can but if you want to sell portraits, you need to up the glam. ;)

The first image needs the background burred out more and the shadow reduced on the face. I would also 'golden' it up a tiny bit to give it the 'Robert Redford' soft golden light feeling that will make the owner feel warm and fuzzy.

Second image, great motion capture. Now drop the vignette, tighten the crop, brighten shadow on the face and blur background a little for depth.

Third image almost perfect but not sure why you cut off the end if his face. Lighting, mood and depth all perfect.

Forth image .... Right on the money. Portfolio for this one. Although I would have lightened the shadow on the left dog's face, it is personal preference one this one.

I hope this helps Clem. I think you are off to a great start. I mean all comments in friendship and wish you the best.

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Thanks again Ruth for taking a look. The only excuse I have about the editing is the first two are quite old and were edited in Elements on a 15in monitor :) the dark ages these days. As far as the crop on three that was an oopsie because I was testing my new speedlite and was not focused. Thanks for the detailed review

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I just want to encourage you because your foundation is really nice.