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Black and White Portrait

This is a portrait of a labrador-puppy i made last year. As i saw couple minutes ago that people on fstoppers had voted for "needs work" it made me curios. Is there really so much wrong in that Image? I'm aware that there is a lot of work to be done on my photography, but i always thought that one was of the better of my solid pictures i took.

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misha marinsky's picture

Here's my version. Feel free to use it.

Patrick Illhardt's picture

Okay i see a difference but throwing an edit of my Picture (without asking?) to me ist not helpful at all and not answering my question =(

But thank you anyway, have a nice evening

Lisa Cornwell's picture

I like this image. It is a very cute puppy. I think if I was hired to photograph this puppy, my client would be happy. That being said, it lacks emotion. This picture doesn't tell me anything about what the puppy is doing or give expression that makes me feel anything. I also find the collar a little distracting. I would remove it or include the entire thing. I might also increase the depth of field a tad but I think that is a personal preference. I hope this helps and this is just one person's opinion. :)

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Hey Lisa, thank you so much for your reply.

You're there is one thing i have to work on, and I'm totally aware of it, Storytelling. But I'm really glad to read your opinion on this image. The Collar is problemativ, I'm with you, I didn't want to remove it because i was afraid of any artifacts of editing.

The Picture is not cropped, I took with 600mm and that results in a really shallow depth of field. which i find came out quiet nice.

regards Patrick

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Hi! I also like this shot. Your focus is perfect, lighting superb. I love the softness of the image and think that the black and white was a wise choice.

For suggestions, I think this image would have benefitted from some breathing room. Particularly so you could have off centered it a bit but also because it would give some space and perspective. I'm not suggesting a lot as I realize this is intended to be a close up. It just feels cramped.

Ditto about getting rid of the collar.

So, other than a small cropping issue, well done!

Patrick Illhardt's picture

Hey there :D,

first of all, thank you for your kind comment. Sadly, depending on the point of view, the image is not cropped.

This Picture was taken at 600mm, that gave me the advantage to capture all those details without distracting her by getting too close. Perhaps a bit zoomed out would have worked out better and definitively would have gave me a set of opportunities for sure :D

As i wrote to Ruth, the collar is one thing disturbing me as well. but i decided to leave it, because i didn't want to mess it up in postproduction.