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What do you think?

Was out doing some bird watching when neighbors dog came out. So I did what any self-respecting photographer would do leaned over the face and took a few shots. I like how serious and tough it portrays him as when he is a big old push over.

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Hi Clement. You did exactly what you should do when opportunity knocks! The focus and depth of this are spot on. There are three things I would suggest for future thinking.

The first two are both about light and shadow. There probably isn't anything you can do about the fence shadow on his face but if it could have been avoided, great. However, if not, just fixed shadow issue number two, the left side of his face, might make the fence shadow look interesting. I would highly recommend using the shadow level to reduce the shadow (brighten) the side of his face. The hash pattern of the fence might work then.

The third issue is the crop. I would recommend doing to crop-play with this. Put all of him to the right. Or, tight crop to his face, It is too tight and too centered as is.

Finally, just for fun, he would work very well as a black and white.

He is a beautiful dog.

He really got me thinking so i hope you don't mind that I have made a few suggestion shots to show what you could do with a crop and/or black and white.

best wishes!

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Thanks Ruth

I think I get a bit over concerned with the rule of thirds and have it set so that his right eye is right on a point and didn't take a step back to realize I had centered him(duh).

Guess I should have listened to my wife I licked the dark shadow on his right side she suggested I lighten it but I was going for more what you did in the second black and white but did not go far enough. I love the B+W idea never would have thought of that but he does look good. Thanks for the help.

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You have the best case scenerio though - a great photo to work from and the subject lives next door if you need more!

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Hi Clement - This thread got me thinking about a photo of my old cat. I turned it into a dark moody image much like I suggested to you above and posted it in the Black and White group. I got some good feedback. Just in case it could help you out too ... thought I'd let you know! ;)