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Studio Pet Portraits is my Style

I started doing this for my local Humane Society and love it. The shelter manager gave me the best compliment, saying that I take a throw away animal no one wanted and make them look beautiful and desirable. (This is Ingot, a shelter puppy who started her life in the snow with an emaciated mother who ended up not being able to care for her. I raised her and her siblings from about 2 weeks old.)

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Allen Hammer's picture

Very nice image. Kudos

Patrick Illhardt's picture

I'm with Allen Hammer really nice Image.

On the Internet I'm seeing more and more kind of overedited Images of animals. I don't want to say that there isn't gone work into that picture but it's really subtile and done in a great way.

Let me ask you one question: Is this image cropped? I'm wondering because we can't see the paws of this little guy. If this was done intentionally, forgot what i said :D I'm just curious to learn if there's any reason :D

but anyway this picture is indeed very likeable.