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Allen Hammer's picture

Friends dog

Curious as to criticisms ready for this image.

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Lisa Cornwell's picture

First off: cute dog, great focus. It is a unique view of a dog and it really depends on what this picture would be for. If I delivered this to a client who wanted pictures of their dog, it wouldn't go over very well. On faces, eyes need to be (compositionally) the focus of the photograph. But if this was for a blog post or editorial on the number of abandon hounds during hunting season or on dental health of dogs then this is right on point. Partial collars are a pet peeve of me personally (JMO) and I would clone it out. I hope this helps. :)

Kristopher Schmidt's picture

I would try to avoid clipping the ear and top of the head. I agree with the collar comment also unless there is something special about it that adds to some aspect of the story then I would want to see all of it. I feel like the eye is just a hair soft on focus. I like that the dog looks bright, happy and healthy.