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Colby's finally tired... CC appreciated

This is Colby, our 5 month old mutt. He settled in the backyard this morning as I was out taking photos, so I was able to get down to his level and snap this before he jumped up to chew on the camera. I've never really tried pet photography but I've wanted to take it on as a learning project, and this seemed like a good place to start.

What do you think? What could I change to make this better? Any CC is greatly appreciated!

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Matthias Kirk's picture

Hi Mark, Overall this is a nice image you got there. I like the sharpness and the contrast. The color could use some work in my opinion. For my taste the greens are a bit too neon to harmonize with the black subject. There are multiple hues present in the black coat ranging from red to blue. Harmonizing these a bit might make an overall more professional looking impression.