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Camera Recommendation Needed


I have a D7000 that I use for sports photography. It's been fine with the right lens, but I'm going to start working with a rescue group in Boston who does most of their work at night. I've been looking at the D3, D4 & D4s based on the gear used by We Animals founder Jo-Anne McArthur. I'm also planning to work with a farm sanctuary nearby.

Wondering if I should up my camera body and also get a few lenses. She recommends a 50mm 2.8 and a 17-35mm f/2.8D.



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Since you are on Nikon, you should shoot for a 50 1.8 because you can get them dirt cheap.

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I use a 50 1.8 for cats and a 100 2.8 for dogs. I like to stay further away from dogs as they can get really out of control sometimes. And 1.8 creates a too shallow depth of field with dogs. It works perfectly with cats because they faces are flatter - they don't have that big long nose that dogs do.