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Patrick Illhardt's picture

Mr. Keks

To this shoot of our cat wearing a bowtie and i'm kind of happy with it :D

I really think somehow my basic setup is working out quite nicely after adjusting all the time last year.

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Michael Yearout's picture

The posture, the tilt of the head, the background are all perfect and the bow tie isn't bad either! (I actually love the bow tie). Very well done.

Patrick Illhardt's picture

Hey Michael,

that tilt propably impacts the image much more than the bowtie :D

Michael Yearout's picture

Patrick: Yes the head tilt really makes the photo, but the bowtie just puts a "tie" on it! That puts it over the top.

Patrick Illhardt's picture

Thanks a lot Sir, i never thought about how big the impact of that bowtie is :D