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Beauty Photography

Shot with a Canon 6d W/85mm 1.8
Beauty 2017 📷: @lanreay
Makeup by @jmsignature
Muse; @sarahsamson113
Agency: @pagesmodels

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Sennia Kyle's picture

She's a beautiful model and the lighting looks good, 3 and 8 are my favorites. I notice though that there are a lot of color shifts in the skin, especially some large differences in color and saturation when comparing the face to the neck. I'm guessing that might have something to do with the makeup but it's also something to consider in post production. The palm of her hand in #2 is very stark and light in comparison to the rest of her, so my eye goes straight there. I would like the shot more without the hand.

Were the highlights brought down a lot in post? For some reason in most shots they look overly muted and leaning towards desaturated or gray, where they should be slightly more specular and a warmer tone. Or it could be something to do with the dodging/burning technique, or overdoing it with frequency separation.

Hope this helps.

Thank You Very Much for the feed back. I truly appreciate it.
With regards to the color shift between her face and neck i always consider that my light hits those 2 areas differently so i rarely affect the Color and saturation in post production.

I did have to bring down the highlights in post and i hope to improve based off your feedback.
Again Thanks