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Please feel free to post your questions and discussions, and share your photography - whether it is something you are proud of, or you have a question about it. Please mention if you'd like feedback or help with anything specific...

Male beauty shot critique

This was a golden hour shot with an vintage Pentax 135mm on a Fuji XE2, shot close to maximum aperture. It's actually the first beauty shot I took.

I found that if I sharpened the eyes then the picture became too intimidating, so I made them much...

Mermaid Hair

One overhead light: Einstein with 60" Photek Softlighter II
Shot on Canon 5D3 & 70-200mm F2.8L IS II
A fair amount of retouching on the hair, but not on the color itself (just minor RAW tweaks to even out the highlights).

Learning lighting

I am learning lighting and beauty and I have found that I like this genre the best. I am looking for a little critique or any advice to help me continue learning. Heres a few images from my most recent test shoot.

Feel free to let me know if you...

Alienation part II

hey guys, I recently did this editorial and just wanted to share it here because it is always interesting to know what others think of your work.
I usually don't do any retouching this heavy, because in the european market where I work it is not...


Ph,mua: Kerry Moore
In constant search of cooperation with the clothing catalogs, magazines, and designers. If you are interested in my works write to: kerrymoore@list.ru
Accept orders for photo shoots and retouching.
Orders for...

Introducing myself

Hey everyone, just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. Finally decided to create an account on Fstoppers.
My name is Kirby Hines, currently living in New Hampshire, originally Ohio.
I'm currently the photographer for Simon Pearce...

Beauty & hair work

A set based on montezuma for the colour tones, aztec orange and colourful spirit.

the hair tower was a bit like kids montezumas revenge geek game.

Hope you like it, happy to hear your comments.


Playing with Gels

Hi everyone,

first post in this group, looking into your thoughts and feelings on this first attempt to using Gels and shooting some portrait like photography.

Thanks a lot for your time, effort, and feedback.




some photos during makeup photography with Natalya

The white one the softbox is the background

any comment or advise?

Beauty Shoot

Used a DIY ring light (Tungsten Bulbs)
So far my best attempt at Beauty Photography and Retouching.

The crop was intentional

Feel free to critique

Bird Mind

It's been a while since last time i shared my photos here and ask for some critiques

This image which i named "Bird Mind" is about something that sometimes happen somewhere in the world.
"Sometimes our thoughts, ideas & dreams are...

Can I mix strobes and speedlights?

So I am brand new to studio photography and looking into getting some lighting for beauty work. I want to do a strobe on a beauty dish for a main light, but I was wondering if I could use speedlights for background and fill lights, as I can't afford to buy...

Makeup contest photos

Hello everyone :).
I would like to share some photos I took in January for my friends' submission to national makeup contest (later it turned out, she won second place in the finals). Please feel free to post some creative critique.


Beauty lighting suggestions for a beginner

Hi guys! Sorry to post in this section, but I'm not sure where else was really appropriate lol. Anyhow, I've been gradually getting into photography over the past few months and am ready to take the plunge into some studio lighting (I want to primarily do...