Color Grading Is Killing Me

If I can improve one thing about my photography and editing skill, it will to creatively color grade my photos to create my own artistic style. But soon I will learn that too. My first attempt at color grading without just throwing on a filter using Alien Skin or other plugins.


Hello! I'd really like to get your opinions and feedback for these recent beauty shots. Thank you very much! :)

First retouch attempt

This is my first retouch attempt and i'd love to hear your advice and your thoughts about it. Although it's my first one, feel free to be strict! Bad feedback always force you to be better. Good too :)

First beauty shoot.

Hello, everyone.

This was my first attempt at beauty photography. I know I need more practice but I think it turned out pretty well. Skin retouching for beauty is still something I am learning. I will definitely be posting more attempts soon.

Feel free to let me know what you think.

Shooting beauty with a low aperture

Recently I've been shooting some beauty images with the lowest aperture on my Canon 100mm 2.8 lens and i have been getting some pretty good results. How many people here shoot with the same technique?

Low Key Beauty Portrait

Model: Sunny
MUA: Sunny
Jewelry: Custom made Necklace and matching ear rings by Ra Jewelry.
Photog/Retoucher: Dan Lubbers (

*Lit with one Beauty Dish overhead*

What Do You Like to Listen to When Retouching?

We all know, retouching can be extremely tedious! Especially when it comes to beauty or close-up work. It requires extreme precision which in turns tends to make the process quite long. I'm sure we'll have habits when editing and I'd love to hear yours!

I used to have the TV on all the time when retouching, but I've found that EDM, House...

Need CC

Hi guys, I'm new here!
I was wondering is there anyone here interested in giving me some advices on retouching.
Is this good or too much? I was learning this by myself, with a help of tutorials, there were in the beginnings some over retouched portraits, that's why I need prefessional advice.
Thank you!