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Welcome to the Beauty Photography group!

Hello and welcome!

Please feel free to post your questions and discussions, and share your photography - whether it is something you are proud of, or you have a question about it. Please mention if you'd like feedback or help with anything specific when you post.

Please feel free to introduce yourself, so we can all become photo-friends in here.
Share your website and social media links, this is a good place to network, share ideas, ask questions and just read what others say and ask about.

My new blog is here: http://masterbeautyphotography.com/blog

About me:

I am a Los Angeles-based Beauty photographer and retoucher. I was born and raised in Moscow, studied photography in Australia. I created Retouching Academy with the help of my amazing RA team. I have written quite a few articles on Beauty Photography on Fstoppers, check them out:

You can find my work at:

Website: http://masterbeautyphotography.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaKuzmenkoPhotography
IG: https://instagram.com/juliakuzmenko/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ReArV1eWmiRRor/videos
Retouching Academy: http://www.retouchingacademy.com/

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hallo :D

Love your work!! ;-)

Hi! Thanks for creating the group, Julia.

About me:
I'm a photographer from the UK specialising in People and Lifestyles, you can see more of my work on my website http://philjones-photography.co.uk or on my Fstoppers page!

Like you, Julia I'm never happy with my skill level and I'm currently looking to improve my retouching skills and define my style! I'm looking forward to learning and sharing photography and retouching techniques from the community!

I hope to share some of my images with the group soon and get constructive feedback.

Please do share, Phil!
And it's good to always want to improve :)

Hello Julia,
Thank you for creating this group and for adding me!
My name is Tetyana Fedorova-McGowan, born and raised in Lviv, Ukraine, currently located in Toledo, Ohio. I've been a huge fan of your work!! It is always beautiful, effortless and perfec - eye candy images.
Your work inspires me, makes me raise the bar and try to reach your level. With every new photo shoot I feel like I am improving, but then smetimes it feels like I am doing two steps backwards. I am a self learner and really don't know techniques, just guessing how to create and achieve a perfect image.

I hope to learn from you and members of the group as well as share my work and get some advices.
This is my FB portfolio page:

Thank you!

Thank you for your kind words, Tetyana!
Trust me, what you are describing is very normal! I always go through ups and downs - I can put out 5 images in the row and feel like I am getting better with each, and then for a few weeks struggle as if I have rolled back in my skill and can't do anything good... But then it all comes back :)
Just don't stop, you are progressing, even when you're second-guessing yourself :)

Thank you a lot, Julia!!!

good initiative <3! Julia

Hi,Julia. I'm Valen come from Malaysia. I'm quite new but i love beauty photography and fasion photography.Now i need to improve my retouch skill, what's u suggestion for me?

Hello. everyone my name is melaki king i cant wait to network with you guys here is one of my photos i hope you guys enjoy it .

Photographer : Melaki King
Model: Nicole

Hello everyone, specially dear Julia, who i know her as a great photographer and retoucher.

My name is Farbod, from Iran
I was studying piloting in aviation university, but seems like art feels better than transporting people thought the air ! atleast i rather be the reason of joy for few people than being the reason of fear for the most...

im self thought photographer, cinematographer, retouchers and colonist, and by self thought i mean doing tests by my self and learning from other peoples experience, never took any class or workshop at all. it took me so long to achieve the things i set as goal for my self, but i don't want others to go that way, i want everyone to learn as fast as possible so they can enjoy and experience things we could not think of...

i've been doing photography since 2004-2005
cinematography & filmmaking since 2010-2011
professional Retouching for couple of years now, but i did used photoshop for so long, even before i started photography
I do create photoshop Actions & Color LUTs, but never had the chance to publish them on a good resource website for selling and other stuffs (for sure i am thinking about that and like to share them with others). still, if you feel like you need something, let me know, i hope i can help you with that or let you know how to do it all by your self.

You can find me on
500px - http://500px.com/farbodgreen
Instagram - @farbodgreen http://instagram.com/farbodgreen/
Twitter - @ScreamingClown http://twitter.com/ScreamingClown
facebook - http://www.facebook.com/Farbod.Fantasy
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/user/FarbodTv

Hello everyone!
I'm happy to join this group! Thank you Julia for your inspiring work! <3
I am a young photographer and retoucher from Belarus. It would be a pleaure for me to communicate and collaborate with you guys! I try to learn something new everyday and improve my retouching and shooting skills more and more. I believe we can help each other to become better and to create more wonderful photoes!
You are welcome to join me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/1308850409130107/
or Instagram @daria_rudko https://www.instagram.com/daria_rudko/
Thank you all!

Hey There, Glad to be part of this group and hopefully get some feedback/advice on my work. by the way, I'm not a pro but being working hard to improve on lighting posing etc. have a great day

Absolutely amazing! The pictures look so good. It’s a great High End example for me. There’s much to learn. I’m a photographer on the make so I have time for retouching images myself but no money yet for popular retouching services. Although fixthephoto.com and editouch have quite reasonable photo editing prices. These photo editing companies also has great tips and tricks for photographers on their web page, for which I’m very grateful. I hope I’ll soon be good at picture editing programs with the help of your articles!

Hello everybody. It's great to join the group.