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Adam Adam's picture

new portrait and I need your feedback

I did this beauty portrait photoshoot recently and I would like to read your feedback in term of lighting, posing and editing. What do you like/ dislike about these photos?

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Sennia Kyle's picture

The lighting looks nice. Overall I'd say the retouching has gone a bit too far, her facial skin is way too smooth. That said in the first image her forehead still looks a bit blotchy, and her shoulder is a totally different color and looks as if it wasn't retouched at all, putting it at odds with her face. With regards to composition, in the first photo, her hand being up on her neck and disappearing without any fingers visible is awkward. Her shoulder cutting into the line of her jaw is less desirable but is also less problematic than the hand. The overly smoothed skin is even more noticeable in the second image, and focus was totally missed - her eyes and brows are very soft while her jewelry is sharp. The difference in skin color and amount of retouching on her face vs. her shoulder in the last image is very noticeable as well. It's a good start though. Hope this helps.

Adam Adam's picture

Thanks, Sennia for your usual support and feedback. Very much appreciated.

Jarrett Porst's picture

First image is the best of the three. Slightly off-set to the left of the frame, maybe centered. Eyes, they look like contacts, beautiful, look like contacts. Maybe darken the eyes with some contrast. Second image, chin needs some work on smoothing, eyes look odd and somewhat unnatural. Third image is cool, however her eyes are freaking me out with that much white exposed. She has that left ear ring sliver poking over the edge of her cheek, just a smidgeon of a distraction.

Lighting, liking it a lot. Lovely skin tones (get your skin matches closer), great stare into the lens on the first two frames.

Adam Adam's picture

yes, she is wearing a contact lens. Maybe that's why it looks unnatural. I have not done much retouching to the eyes except brightening. Thanks for your valuable feedback.