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Beauty shot with wet glow makeup

Hi guys, lately I've finished a beauty photoshoot, inspired by spring flowers and trees.
There's one closeup for exposing the makeup on the eye and two pretty similar photos.
I've chosen to underexpose one of them in order to create more dramatic look. Still not sure witch color version looks better and more absorbing to the viewer.

I'm really curious about your opinions on the retouch. Model's skin was rather damaged with post-acne scars and marks, so it was pretty challenging to keep the proper skin texture.
Do you feel like I've overdone it a touch? Also is the hair fine or would you rather recommend some more adjustments?

Comments and tips welcome, cheers!

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Jared Wolfe's picture

First shot seems a bit dark to me personally. The makeup and flowers seems to invite the brighter look of the last shot which I think works well.

Marek Opała's picture

Thanks a lot, that's what I thought, although I kinda like it to be this darker and not so cheerful :)

Adam Adam's picture

You have done a pretty good job. However, others might consider it a bit overdone. If you can tune it down a bit would even be better (more realistic).
The the last photo on the left side to the camera on her forehead.. there is something wrong! there is a big dark spot.
the last thing, I agree with what Jared said that the first photo seems to be underexposed.

Marek Opała's picture

Yeah, that's a blurred branch of a tree in front of the lens. I didn't really noticed it before, as it seemed obvious to me, but I guess in beauty shots genre model's face should be perfect. Thanks!