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Rafal Wegiel's picture


"Welcome Spring"
Nikon D800 Nikon 70-200VRII 3xNikon SB910 Elinchrome Deep Octas 39" 27" Manfrotto Stands 37" Lastolite Gold/Silver Reflector
F4.5 1/100s Iso160 160mm Power Main Light 1/16 Kicker 1/32 Background 1/32 with custom made gel

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Jarrett Porst's picture

Bokeh will never die! Beautiful image Rafal! Every so slightly, shoulders back and down maybe, my input here. Background; nicely done man! Love the choice of focal length! Looks great on your IG too.

Leon Bokhove's picture

Love the concepts in your photos. Lovely how the background is busy but not overwhelming and adds to the model and overall photo rather than taking away from her or it :)