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I need your feedback on these photos

I have photographed this model recently in collaboration with a local MUA.

Let me know what do you think of theses photos in term of retouching, color, skin texture and composition.


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Very nice indeed!

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Well firstly, I think you should change MUA. I see what the concept is supposed to be but the execution is poor, sloppy and not suited for a photography at all, at least for beauty and fashion. This great amount of youtube/instagram kind of makeup is mostly for stage but... Retouching is not quite there, skin tones are all over the place, and I'm not really sure how much did you retouched the skin at all except for some small healing or similar... Hair cleanup is very obvious, it looks really weird, background replacement, masking, that is just not done well and tedious. Background color is off and it doesn't suit her skin tone. Posing is something that could be improved as well, especially facial expression. Macro shot (crop) uncover all makeup and photo mistakes, lighting is also not quite well set. but the model seems soooo unhappy I'm speechless...

All in all makeup is muddy and colors are all over the place, unbalanced highlights, bad lighting, composition is below average, posing and makeup is just NO (criminal lashes omg), nothing is polished, this requires so much more work but even if you retouched those images really good and put lots of effort the issues will still exist since things are not quite there yet in camera.