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Fortunate enough to have a few days in Paris. Family in tow but tripod tolerated so the Big Stopper saw some action to thin the crowds around a few landmarks. Details behind the shots in my profile.

C&C appreciated!

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Thanks to those who voted on the photos in this post.

I was surprised at the 1 and 2 star votes but if that's what it is, it's what it is.

Any suggestions on what's brining them down or what I could do to improve them?

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Personally, I love them! The subjects are wonderful, as is the framing. The only "problem" is the editing - some blown highlights and a little too much vignette. I used quotes, because in photography everything is subjective - even focus, apparently. I hope you enjoyed your stay!

PS. Love the reflection in the second shot and the silhouette at the bottom!

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Photography certainly is subjective - one of the reasons I post as you get different perspectives and can look at your work a different way.

I’ll take a look at the highlights again. Pretty sure some are from harsh reflection (in the table shot) - not sure you can underexpose enough to sort those out without losing shadow detail. Hope my processing didn’t worsen them or introduce clips where there weren’t!

Thanks for taking the time to look and comment. Much appreciated!