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Dusk falls upon the remote Chinese village, Li Keng

In April I took a trip to China. When traveling I always love finding the hidden, authentic gems. After getting my dose of the iconic skyscrapers of Shanghai, I made a trip to the China unseen by most Westerners. The Wuyuan district, about 4 hours southwest of Shanghai, offered that experience. It's a collection of small rural villages, nestled in the mountains and boasting ancient Chinese architecture. Strolling along the canals, peeking into local merchants shops, while stray dogs run by and roosters scream their hymns was a surreal experience.

If you've ever been to China, the rapid modernization is hard to ignore. One of these modernities is its high-speed railway system, seen spanning this valley at the top of the photo. Some photographers don't like modern straight lines and concrete intersecting their otherwise natural or ancient photos, but I disagree, in this case at least. I love the contrast of where China has been and where China is going, all captured in one scene.

What do you guys think?

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