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Serenity and beauty of Japanese Gardens

I am new to this group. I am an amateur photographer who travels for work. I would much rather travel for photography!

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It is a pictures with taste.

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Gorgeos shots. And yea, traveling and shooting FOR work would be awsome ;)

1. Mood is great but im missing an eyecatcher, a main subject. Middle seems a bit empty to me. I would try to add a bit of contrast to the sky and remove the sensor/lens dust at the left middle bottom part =).

2. Love that one. Great fog capture. Only thing here i would do, is cropping the tree on the left. The "star" of the shot is the one on the right for me but it always drags me to the left side.

3. It could be my screen, but it seems a bit over saturated with the greens? And i would try to lower the lights/highlights a bit, especially on the top right part of the trees. And a bit of dodge and burn on the ground to make the darker and brighter spots a bit more contrasty.

4. This one seems a bit to busy for me. No real point of interest to focus on. Not sure if possible on locatiuon but i would have tried to take only the right side of the picture. The little bushes as a foreground leading to the tree and the building. And the sky seems to be blown out again. Maybe something can be done in post there?

Hope i got everything right since english is not my native language
and i was not to harsh. Still an amateur myself so this is mostly personal tase. Have a great day and keep shooting!